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Has it really been four seasons?

I must start by apologizing for the lack of posts!  You could say I've been a little busy?!  I promise to post more consistently.  I also promise I will learn to use twitter more (@sweetsandspurs).  So here's the skinny on the last nine months.  

As you know Sweets and Spurs officially opened in September of last year.  I can only say that opening S&S was the craziest, most whirlwind, time consuming thing I've ever done, and I LOVE it.  

Norman is such an awesome community that truly supports local businesses.  It makes me smile when I see customers that found us week one and continue to bring new people with them every time they come in.  S&S is something special not just for me (and my team), but for others too.  Whether it's a short escape from work or kids, a place to day dream or even a quiet place to catch up with a friend, we enjoy seeing people slow down to enjoy something a little different.

I keep saying "we" - from day one I have had a huge support system.  My family is always around the store helping out, especially my precious mom, Cathy, who you can usually find behind the counter or in the back rolling pie dough!  Even my grandparents spend time folding boxes!  This was just an added bonus to opening a store that I didn't anticipate - quality time with everyone I love.

What else is new?  How about full size pies and French macarons!  Around Thanksgiving we started getting requests for full size pies, so of course we decided, why not?  Since November we have been busy making full size pies by order!  Give us 24 hours notice and we can turn any of our mini pie flavors into a full size pie, voila!  

Now French macarons are another story.  It began with a magazine clipping from a relative.  I was so intrigued by the delicate, brightly colored cookies I thought we should definitely have them for Valentine's Day.  I gave my superstar bakers the task, and boy were we surprised at just how tricky macarons can be!  After MONTHS of trial and error (myself included) we finally got the hang of these magical sweets.  The best part was that we liked them so much we couldn't just make them for the month of February!  They are now part of our daily menu, filled with chocolate, caramel or raspberry!  French macarons are also naturally gluten free which has been an added perk for all of our customers with dietary needs!  These little melt in your mouth delights are perfect for an afternoon snack or for a wedding reception.  Elegant and dainty with just the right amount of sweet :) 

And boots?  Oh we've got boots.  It's so much fun pulling out every boot in the store for a customer to find the "perfect" pair.  Each fits a little differently, hits in a different spot, brings out different colors in an outfit, so it's always fun to see a customer light up when they find the "one".  Cinderella moments do happen, just come by S&S!  Sometimes I hear, "I don't know if I can pull off cowboy boots," or "I see college girls wearing boots, I don't know if that's for me".  Let me tell you, we have plenty of 60 and 70 something ladies rocking awesome boots around Norman these days.  Including my grandmother!  Boots are timeless and ageless.  My grandmother and I both have Abby Rose Old Gringo's!

What's to come?  Stay tuned!  We're getting new boot styles in weekly these days.  We are also excited to begin working with new brides on upcoming weddings as well as creating custom cupcakes for birthdays, graduations and life's celebrations.  Each day brings something new!  Now be kind and have your pets spayed or neutered...(that sounds like something Bob Barker would say at the end of a post, so I'll go with it)

Grand Opening!

We have officially been open a little over two weeks now!  With the help of many wonderful friends, family and staff our soft opening has been a smooth success!  Our team is lead by the best pastry chefs around, Lara and Gaby.  They start at 6 am everyday preparing mini pies and scrumptious cupcakes to fill our not so ordinary display case.  It has been an adventure for everyone involved and we can't wait to show all of Norman what makes us so unique!

Join us for the "official" grand opening celebration, September 23 & 24, from 10 am - 6 pm.  Giveaways include a pair of Lucchese or Old Gringo boots, a sweets package valued at $100 and a gift bag including room spray, frame, candle holder, tumbler and t-shirt.  Must be at least 13 years of age to enter.  Winners will be announced on the Sweets and Spurs facebook page at 8 pm on Saturday.  Winners will also be contacted on Monday by phone. 

Can't wait to see you this weekend!  Don't forget to place your order now for game day cupcakes!

One Sweet (& Spurs) Journey

After tossing the idea around with friends and family for a few years, Sweets and Spurs became a reality in December 2010.  Being a southern girl, boots and sweets seem like the perfect marriage!  As with many unusual ideas not everyone "gets" it at first.  The reaction in this case is always either confusion, "you're selling what and what?" or instant gratification.  Eventually a spark ignites and sugar and leather seem sensible together. 

The beauty of Sweets and Spurs is that it truly provides something for everyone!  

From the always enjoyable cupcake to a mouth watering apple pie or a chocolate dipped strawberry, every sweet tooth can find their perfect dessert.  There's also a boot for every closet and budget!  Western boots today can range from trendy leather prints to elegant riding boots.  Sweets and Spurs offers a boutique approach to a world of boots that are usually only found in western wear stores or high end specialty shops.  Not to mention the great gifts, accessories and packaging!  

When indulging a good rule of thumb is always - one for me, one for you.  
So the countdown is on for a July grand opening in Norman...though sweets special orders are already in full swing!  (email info@sweetsandspurs.com for more info)  With dreams of pecan pies and leopard print boots dancing in our head, Sweets and Spurs is anxious to complete the buildout and open the doors!    

Future home of Sweets & Spurs, Redbud Plaza (across from Sam's Club)
Future home of Sweets & Spurs, Redbud Plaza 
Norman, OK (across from Sam's Club)