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One Sweet (& Spurs) Journey

After tossing the idea around with friends and family for a few years, Sweets and Spurs became a reality in December 2010.  Being a southern girl, boots and sweets seem like the perfect marriage!  As with many unusual ideas not everyone "gets" it at first.  The reaction in this case is always either confusion, "you're selling what and what?" or instant gratification.  Eventually a spark ignites and sugar and leather seem sensible together. 

The beauty of Sweets and Spurs is that it truly provides something for everyone!  

From the always enjoyable cupcake to a mouth watering apple pie or a chocolate dipped strawberry, every sweet tooth can find their perfect dessert.  There's also a boot for every closet and budget!  Western boots today can range from trendy leather prints to elegant riding boots.  Sweets and Spurs offers a boutique approach to a world of boots that are usually only found in western wear stores or high end specialty shops.  Not to mention the great gifts, accessories and packaging!  

When indulging a good rule of thumb is always - one for me, one for you.  
So the countdown is on for a July grand opening in Norman...though sweets special orders are already in full swing!  (email info@sweetsandspurs.com for more info)  With dreams of pecan pies and leopard print boots dancing in our head, Sweets and Spurs is anxious to complete the buildout and open the doors!    

Future home of Sweets & Spurs, Redbud Plaza (across from Sam's Club)
Future home of Sweets & Spurs, Redbud Plaza 
Norman, OK (across from Sam's Club)